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Art is a physical representation
       of a part of you that is deeper
       than words could ever describe

   Art translates the language
                 o f
               t  h  e
           s    o    u    l
:iconschamelon:schamelon 1 0

Like an elusive shadow
Creeping upon you;
Like a quiet shiver up your spine

Like that dreaded truth
Or that moment of stillness
Between the white-hot flashes
And roaring thunder crashes
Your blood runs cold with fear
Your skin, as pale as death
I      a   m
T  h  e     D  a  r  k  n  e  s  s
W    i    t    h    i    n         y    o    u  
:iconschamelon:schamelon 0 0
I wish there were
Such things as
Unbiased Truths
                       Life and Love
                                                                      Good and Evil

'Truth' is all relative
                               To your own
:iconschamelon:schamelon 0 2
Just let me
Fall apart
I want to
Make something
With all of the  
Broken pieces.
:iconschamelon:schamelon 2 0
A Moment
She was always looking
For something

Something that made
The time
            Just stop
One moment to forget the
Past, just
            For one moment
One moment to feel whole
Again and
            Just breathe
One moment to forget
What she could
Forget before-- What she thought
She could never
Until now. Everything is fading away
Just remember
            How to
Her eyes close, she hears only
One word:
She was always looking
For something
One moment as grand and solemn as
An entire
One single moment of clarity.
And then it's
Just gon
:iconschamelon:schamelon 1 2
circling shadows
flickering around and around
it's all spiraling down
toward this collapse
toward this new ending
the darkness is closing in
you know how this will end
then why are you still standing here?
you know you can't make time stand still
but maybe if you stay here, you won't
have to know what comes next.
this is how the story ends
with you gone and i'm still here
trying to stand on my own two feet
but the floor swallowed them whole last week
it's been eating me away for days
and the walls have been beating my body to a pulp
circling shadows
flickering around and around
it's all spiraling down
toward this collapse
toward this new ending.
you knew this is how it all would end
then why did you do it?
you are a fool.
:iconschamelon:schamelon 1 0
Song in My Heart
I have a song in my heart
It speaks the words I cannot utter
It lets me feel the things I can't even begin to feel
Like being in love,
Or being complete,
And not just broken.
I have a song in my heart
Let me play it,
Let me sing it,
Let me dance to it for you
But your eyes are blind;
Stone cold stare.
Your ears are deaf.
Your skin is hardened by past hurts.
Like a toughened leather,
Beaten down and burned in the hot sun
For days and days on end.
We both are broken.
Maybe together we can be even a little more whole.
I have this song in my heart.
It is about you.
It speaks the words my mouth could never utter.
It feels the things my heart
Could never feel.
Like being in love,
Or in a dream,
Or being complete,
And not just broken.
:iconschamelon:schamelon 1 0
It's all so relative
This distant collapse
Renew and relapse
Take it all in
Begin again
Breathe in this sweet destruction
This loneliness is unending
And you're so condemning
Just smiles pretending
Give in and decay
This feeling's irrelevant
To reach is a swift descent
Try to deny this;
The feeling of emptiness
All that's left is an absence
I dare you, try to deny it
The taste of your lips
Doesn't destroy this
Your mind is an open book
With words set between the lines
So tell me, just tell me
What are you trying to hide?
Why are you so pensive?
What was the incentive?
Your mind is an open book
With words set between the lines
So tell me, just tell me
What's there to fucking hide?
Your mouth is a trap; your lips are the treat
Your eyes hold back secrets you've been keeping from me
Don't make yourself comfortable,
This isn't how it's supposed to be
Don't try me, don't test my patience
I'm dying to understand this
(Feeling of your resistance)
Don't try me, don't test my patience
Stop cryi
:iconschamelon:schamelon 1 0
You fall from the sky.
So perfect, so beautiful.
Shining, reflecting, casting glimmers of light.
You reach the surface.
Make contact.
You shatter.
Trickle down.
Sink in.
:iconschamelon:schamelon 2 1
So This Is How It Feels
So this is how it feels.
Burn me down in flames. Leave me here in ashes.
Dressed in decay. Wrapped in fire.
Your kiss like flint and tinder,
Igniting a spark, lighting a fire in my heart.
I didn't think it would come to this.
I didn't think it would hurt this much.
I didn't think it would reach so far.
I swear, I'm about to combust.
My insides writhing and charred.
It's so beautiful...
Like trees in autumn, when their leaves turn into fire,
They blow in the wind to find their final resting place.
They turn to into ash, turn to dust.
Sink into the earth.
So this is how it feels.
Burn me down in flames, leave me in ashes.
I wanted this.
I needed this.
That flint-and-tinder kiss.
Ignite the spark.
Light the fire.
Turn me into dust.
Let me sink into you.
:iconschamelon:schamelon 0 0
I Don't Want to Think About It
I don't want to just think you'll be there after the sky goes dark
I want to know;
I want to taste and touch and
The warmth of your breath,
The smell of your skin,
The taste of your lips,
And that flutter-feeling I get when
I look in your eyes.
I don't want to just think you'll be there after the sun goes down, the sky goes dim, and the
Lights go out.
I don't want to think,
I want to know.
All these fleeting moments and
I don't want to feel alone anymore.
Please, don't leave me here wondering if this is real or not.
Don't leave me here trying to figure out if this was all a dream...
Like it always was before.
I don't want to think,
I want to-- (know)
No, I don't want to think about it anymore.
:iconschamelon:schamelon 0 0
The truth is...
The truth is
I don't want to be stuck here
I don't want to be kept here
By any means
I want to leave this place
I want to be free
I just can't find my wings
And it's such a long road
Just give me a reason to keep going
Because I can't think of any
:iconschamelon:schamelon 3 1
It's a long and lonely road, they all say
Well, I'm lost in my own mind
I've been down every lonely road there is
I've been down every fucking road
I've been going through the motions
I've been going with the flow
I keep falling into the same stupid patterns
And now I'm left with nowhere to go
I have nowhere to run
I have no hands to guide me
No hands to guide me home
No feet to lead me
To that sanctuary
I've been down every lonely road there is
I've been down every fucking road
I know where each one leads to
I know where each one fucking goes
There is no answer here
There is no answer there
There is no escape
From this crippling fear
Deep inside
There's a pain that doesn't leave
There's a fear that holds you still
There's a madness in my mind
And it's staying far too near
:iconschamelon:schamelon 1 1
so tell me how to feel
because i really don't know anymore
tell me love is real
because i can't feel it anymore
lie to me
i don't believe anything anymore
if i can't trust myself,
who can i?
the answer isn't here [with me]
the answer is not there [with you]
i don't know what to believe anymore
i don't know how to love anymore
i don't feel anything anymore
i am empty
i am numb
contrast and compare,
it won't do any good
you'll just be left feeling
more empty and worthless
judge me
it won't make this any worse
try to fix the problem,
it will just tear apart somewhere else
all that's left are heartstrings
on this picture we painted
all that's left to sever are heartstrings
this is the final blow
this will hurt most
don't look down
the floor is caving in
don't look down
it's crumbling beneath our feet
don't you dare look down
oh god, everything is void
this canvas is shredded
this canvas is shredded
there's no putting it back together
this canvas is shredded
there's no picking up the pieces
:iconschamelon:schamelon 0 2
The Cellar
There is an unwelcome feeling here.
The kind that shakes you; makes you want to scream, run away, makes you frantic, overwhelmes you with panic and wraps you in paralyizing fear. A heaviness. A certain foreboding weight in the air
Not like the pressure you can feel when it's about to rain,
More like the tenseness or the charge in it when the sky turns that ugly green/grey shade of black, right before you see the funnel start to spin. The sky flashes sharp bright white. Then the lights flicker and go out. Then you hear the sirens. And all you can think is, 'Go find a safe place. GO FIND SHELTER. YOU ARE NOT SAFE HERE.'
Then you take a breath...
The thunder is rolling all around you. The earth seems to shake. Or maybe it is fear shaking you? You sit on the cement floor against the cold brick wall in your cellar. You hope this is only a nightmare. And you hope you wake up soon.
:iconschamelon:schamelon 0 1
Holder of My Heart
Counting them down:
One more day,
One more hour,
One last moment until I can finally
Fall asleep.
Anything to numb the pain of knowing you're not here;
That you're gone.
And waste away the days until I can gaze into your eyes once more,
Those eyes that pierce straight to my core,
And help me feel alive again.
The eyes that tell me there's more to life that this.
A few more moments to kill until I can bury myself in your arms once again
So I don't have to feel like I'm constantly falling apart,
Because I'm tired of picking up the pieces.
You chase away all of the pain and fear that keeps me here.
You give me hope, and purpose;
That I have something to live for;
Someone to hold; someone to love.
I know I'm far from perfect,
And I could never understand why you always come back to me.
And I'm learning that even though times get hard,
It's oh, so worth it.
And that without you, nothing makes sense anymore.
The world doesn't seem quite as bright without you in it.
Nothing seems right withou
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Copyright © Sarah Kunkel 2006-2016.
Any of my works found used or published in any way, shape, or form, without acknowledgment of my authorship, you are guilty of plagiarism. So please, do not steal. If you wish to use any of my works, feel free to ask my permission.
Thank you!

Random Favourites

A forgone
conclusion to
what we might
have been;
what now holds
you and I
I am vexed,
and through this
deafening silence
I simply cannot
hear my own
heart breaking.
-Brian Shuffett
May 6th, 2010
:iconbshuffett:bshuffett 69 85
zauberwald by vanerich zauberwald :iconvanerich:vanerich 95 4 Holy Sky by FramedByNature Holy Sky :iconframedbynature:FramedByNature 313 83 Whispers.. by lostknightkg Whispers.. :iconlostknightkg:lostknightkg 941 171
Time of awakening
Too long you have doubted
About your existence's meaning
Witnessing too much hatred
Your heart not worthy of such aching.
Too long has this heavy burden
Been haunting from within
The time is now yours dark warden
To experience an awakening.
No more doubts or self loathing
No more tears shed on your own
Gather up your every feeling
Head forth , conquer the unknown.
No more despair and deception
No more love granted in vain
It's your time to take action
And your existence proudly claim.
The only obstacle remaining
Is what you thought was uncommon
The darkness as a feeling
Cherish it now , a warm welcome.
You feel the strength as never before,
Heart pumping, mind set on your goals
It's simply time to yearn for more
Aim for the stars , the leading roles.
Nothing will ever hold you back again,
Love your self, believe in your power
The wounds are already starting to mend
It's time to soar ever higher...
:iconchildrenofpain:ChildrenOfPain 14 23
the rhythm of my heart. by im-not-sana the rhythm of my heart. :iconim-not-sana:im-not-sana 3,336 301
Run Along Boy...
Long gone the time when I looked at the future
Full of questions , impatience and hope
Long past behind me the era of seeking a cure
To my troubles, the answer is dope.
I wish I could share memories of joy
Of my childhood; such a disparity
My lifestyle simply has come to deploy
Overwhelming tentacles over my sanity.
When I was younger , a boy who believed
In the strength of his mind, he was so wise
Yet from all this faith; he never concieved
That he'd become the prophet of his own demise.
Lying down on the floor, in a pool of my blood
I can't help but wonder what a man I became
The boy I suffocated , dragged in the mud
Would simply cast me way, I'm a shame.
When I was a little I used to laugh and play
My innocent mind was a treasure
Now that pinch of innocence has been cast away
Crushed by my utter reality failure.
Sensing my fading energy, I surrender
And wish to dream for just one second
Return to the time when all was splendor
When I was innocent and young...
In my last seconds I ga
:iconchildrenofpain:ChildrenOfPain 18 29
Requiem For The Batman
They say time heals all wounds;
nobody mentions the scars.
They say scream your heart out;
nobody talks of the pain.  
They say love turns to stone;
nobody mentions the graveyards.
They say dreams turn to dust;
nobody understands the cost.
They tell you nothing,
and expect you to understand.
They tell you everything,
and expect you to forgive.
They spend a long time sitting
on the end of your bed,
trying to find the right words
to say;
I'm so sorry,
but Batman is dead.  
:iconanarkhos:Anarkhos 12 8
The Valley by Basement127 The Valley :iconbasement127:Basement127 2,865 492 Mesmerised by Faery Magic by DragonTreasureArt Mesmerised by Faery Magic :icondragontreasureart:DragonTreasureArt 2,101 439
I cannot see
past these clouds
that cover my
weary eyes,
for this rain
of tears will
never cease
to pour forth.
Am I to mourn
the loss of you
every passing
moment, and
with every
single breath?
A forlorn year
is upon me.
-Brian Shuffett
May 2nd, 2010
:iconbshuffett:bshuffett 42 59
Autumn colours . . by KariLiimatainen Autumn colours . . :iconkariliimatainen:KariLiimatainen 702 31 Hong Kong - Ghost Lady by xMEGALOPOLISx Hong Kong - Ghost Lady :iconxmegalopolisx:xMEGALOPOLISx 1,442 65
Collecting Raindrops
Let the rain float as I dance;
I turn my umbrella upside down
And catch the falling droplets for my collection.
The cooling breeze takes my damp hair
And tosses it in my eyes,
Spilling beads of water down my cheeks like
Fake, salt-less tears...
That come to rest on a smile.
I run, barefoot, with the lightening,
I laugh, heartily, with the thunder,
A contest of mirth.
And we both win.
Let the elements strip me bare,
Make me aware of life,
Of love,
Of me.
The whispers of the wind entice me,
Calling on the spirit of freedom that's lain dormant for too long.
Strong is the peace that engulfs me,
This summer shower the antidote I've been longing for,
Kissing me with a tenderness I've never known.
Caressing me like a lover.
I keep the rain in a jar on my shelf.
A reminder of what life can be.
A moment of peace,
and joy.
:iconlittleshireling:littleshireling 24 25
And When
the hardest thing is
believing you're still breathing
we have come so far.
:iconlondonrey:londonrey 10 29
Shadows Fall
and i fall. fall. fall. fall.
why can't i stop?
where is the chain shackled to my legs?
i look. it's gone.
and still i fall.
i know i'll die soon.
but when?
as i go deeper, i see a light
but no shadow
where is it
she took it too
apparently wasn't enough
does she know?
does she?
i hope so
i see the ground
i only regret one thing.
:iconalucard10w:alucard10w 5 3


Just a rough mess of some thoughts that I feel are significant.
(It feels repetitive because it's hard for me to write down the thoughts in my head so I just keep writing until I feel like I've gotten the main idea out, and then I just leave it alone because I'm scared I'll take something important away from it. So yeah.)
I've been struggling lately with the idea that everyone is so distant and base their own opinions on other people's opinions and we forget to remember that we're all different, and that we're not meant to fit into someone else's mold.
We should embrace our differences. Not fear them.
I don't know. Again, just some raw thoughts.

This song is a major influence, if you don't like harder music, skip to 1:34, but the imagery in the beginning is a big part of the meaning behind the song.…
The words are an excerpt from the film "The Network" made in 1976. I've been meaning to watch the whole thing, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

Lately, I've been thinking about how closed off the world is.
We keep to ourselves; we are afraid of change.
We're scared of new interactions, new beginnings, new situations.
We just want to be left alone
and we want everyone else to mind their own business.
People need other people.
We aren't made to be alone.
We have consciousness, we have feelings, emotions.
It's like another language but we're all afraid to speak it.
We love, we get hurt.
And we hate that.
So we shut out anything that could ever hurt us.
We forget how to feel.
We forget how to love anything but ourselves.
We sit in our houses, watching the world burn,
With empty faces,
and hollow, calloused minds.
We just recycle the same emotions, the same reactions.
Our feelings are synthetic.
Our reactions are not real.
Just a mindless, scripted play.
We're brainwashed.
We're told how to feel or not feel, how to react or not react.
We put up walls to feel safe because we're so afraid of being hurt.
And then wonder why we feel so alone.
Happiness does not exist without sadness.
You can't always have the sun and expect not to burn.
Good can't exist without bad.
We can't expect things to stay the same forever.
And we shouldn't.
Time is a part of us.
We are made to change.
We are made to feel and to react.
We are made to experience new things,
good or bad.
To react in our own way,
not how we're told to.
We are made to be unique,
not just copies of what we're told is "ideal"
We are not made to be "perfect".
Perfection does not exist.
We are a terribly flawed mess.
A beautiful chaos.
People need other people.
We aren't meant to be alone.
We aren't meant to stay the same.
We're not meant to be the same.
We aren't meant to feel the same.
We're all different.
We all come into this world broken.
But together we are whole.
We are made to love each other.
We are meant to "feel" each other.
Without emotion,
we're all just mindless creatures
struggling to survive.
Without emotion,
we are not connected.
Without emotion,
we are all alone.
Alone, we are nothing.
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  • Reading: Game of Thrones
  • Watching: World of Tomorrow (2015)
  • Drinking: Water


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